laurel kenny


Tel: (248) 251-1001

Laurel Kenny is an Executive Assistant who has 30 years’ experience in various sectors of the legal field including estate planning and estate administration (probate).  She also enjoyed 12 years as an ISO 9000 Quality Control Coordinator, Internal Auditor and Office Manager.  Besides the usual calendar scheduling and overseeing office operations, Laurel’s management and analytical skills are put to good use with the implementation of digital marketing systems, social media and data analysis, but finds the favorite part of her position with Axis Estate Planning is the interfacing and interaction with our clientele.

She particularly enjoys being a part of a team that is doing something that greatly impacts their client’s lives.  “Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life each day is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”  Laurel’s lifestyle is very family oriented and while spending the bulk of her time with her husband and daughter, she still somehow always has her nose in a book, has her beloved dog at her feet, is an avid gardener and loves doing most anything that involves being outside in nature.