Pet Planning

Have you heard of pet planning?  What happens if your beloved pet outlives you or you become incapacitated? Would your pet go to the pound, or worse yet – be euthanized? You can control what happens to your pet and who cares for your pet when you cannot. You should consider a Pet Trust and Durable Power of Attorney for your pet’s care. Then the following matters can be addressed such as:

  • Set aside part of your Estate for your pet’s care
  • Keep multiple pets together and not separate them
  • Choose who cares for your pet
  • Select who oversees the money for your pet’s care
  • Elect a person to make sure your instructions are followed
  • Provide direction for your pet’s care and end of life care/treatment
  • Designate Burial/Cremation instructions

More on Estate Planning

We also offer seminars on Elder Law and Estate Planning.  Check our events page for upcoming seminars that are usually held in the Top of Troy Building.