Estate Planning

What is an Estate Plan?  You first need to identify your ESTATE.  An ESTATE typically is all of a person’s financial accounts, personal property (cars, jewelry, furniture, etc.), life insurance policies, and real estate (your home, cottage, etc.)…

Pet Planning

What happens if your beloved pet outlives you or you become incapacitated? Would your pet go to the pound, or worse yet – be euthanized? You can control what happens to your pet and who cares for your pet, when you cannot…

Elder Law

Elder law involves planning for complex health care, long-term care and other issues facing elderly and disabled individuals. The substantial cost of nursing home care can wipe out a family’s nest egg and any inheritance for surviving family members…

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  • How we can help you?

    Since 2011, the estate tax has been portable between spouses. This means that a surviving spouse could use the exclusion that was allotted to their deceased spouse.

  • How much will my family pay the IRS in federal estate taxes?

    If you are assuming that your estate will be taxed by the federal government, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is very likely that your family will pay absolutely nothing.

  • How expensive is nursing home care?

    We practice in the Detroit area, and you can expect to pay around ($103,416) annually. The average length of stay is one year, and a married couple may be faced with two different rounds of nursing home costs.

  • Isn’t Medicaid for people with very limited resources?

    It is a need-based program, so there is an asset limit that stands at $2000 in Michigan. However, this is a limit for countable assets; some things that you probably have in your possession that are not counted.