St. Clair Shores elder care becomes necessary for many people, but it’s not always easy to secure when you need it. However, the expertise of a St. Clair Shores elder law attorney can make it easy. The experts at Axis Estate Planning can make sure that you’re aware of the decisions you need to make ahead of time so you can plan for them and be informed when the time comes. We’ll make sure the elder law process is not stressful for you, as it can be when you’re going through it alone. Get in touch with Axis Estate Planning now to get help from an expert St. Clair Shores elder law attorney to make sure you can get the elder care you need.

St. Clair Shores Long-Term Care

Eventually, you could need the help of an aide to make sure that daily tasks in your home are taken care of. This may include taking care of hygiene, cleaning the house, or preparing food among other tasks. Even if you have loved ones who can and will help, there could be more work than they have time to do. In this case, a home health aide is perfect, but they can be too expensive to keep for extended periods of time if you don’t have coverage for their services.

You may not have coverage for these services currently since St. Clair Shores Medicare doesn’t cover them. This comes as a shock to many, and it’s important to know before the time comes that you need care. Medicare doesn’t cover nursing homes either, and as many as 33% of seniors live in a nursing home at some point according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Nursing homes are even more expensive than home health aides, so paying out of pocket is impossible for many people. But, with the assistance of expert St. Clair Shores elder law attorneys from Axis Estate Planning, you’ll be able to get the information and preparation you need to have these St. Clair Shores long-term care costs covered by insurance.

St. Clair Shores Nursing Home Costs

Metro Detroit nursing homes have become too expensive for most people to pay for out of pocket, averaging around $100,000 per year. Even worse, couples will often have to pay two bills. In most cases, residents spend a year in the nursing home. If you don’t have coverage for these costs, you may not be able to get the care you need.

St. Clair Shores Medicaid

While it sounds bleak since St. Clair Shores Medicare doesn’t cover these costs, there is still a way to get them covered. By qualifying for St. Clair Shores Medicaid, you can get these costs covered. You do have to have less than $2,000 in countable assets (which don’t include your home), among other requirements to qualify.

Another way to lessen elder care costs is to qualify for a St. Clair Shores Home and Community-Based Services waiver which lets you hire a professional home health aide to provide you with long-term care services in the comfort of your home.

St. Clair Shores Financial Planning

You can get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have these costs covered by making sure that you have them properly planned for with Axis Estate Planning. Our St. Clair Shores financial planning experts have the knowledge and skill to prepare you for the future. One of our top priorities is planning for you to be able to qualify for Medicaid.

To qualify for Medicaid, you need to have your countable assets lower than $2,000 for at least 5 years before you apply. This means that if you have them at that level for only 4 years before your application, you have to wait out a year after the application for your Medicaid coverage to begin. There are a few different methods for lowering countable assets, such as giving out an early inheritance or moving around your money.

Tricky rules like this one are the reason that having a qualified financial planner is so important. If you don’t use St. Clair Shores financial planning and miss the window for Medicaid qualification, it could be an expensive year of long-term care costs if you’re able to afford them.

Axis Estate Planning | St. Clair Shores Elder Law

You can prepare yourself for future costs like these by asking for help from the experts at Axis Estate Planning today. Our experts in St. Clair Shores elder law know what decisions you need to make and when to guarantee yourself the elder care you deserve. We will help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your finances from the stress of elder care without coverage.

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