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For those who live long, happy lives, it often includes having some level of professional care down the road to stay comfortable. In a perfect world, getting this elder care St. Clair Shores would be a simple and easy process. It is for some people, but there are some things you need to plan for in order to get your long-term care covered by insurance. This planning can get complicated, so it’s important to have an expert elder law attorney St. Clair Shores from Axis Estate Planning there to guide you through the legal and financial decisions you need to make for your future. This way, you can guarantee that you’ll live comfortably and not put any undue stress on your loved ones or yourself.

Long Term Care St. Clair Shores

The Department of Health and Human Services has estimated at up to 1 in 3 seniors require a nursing home to provide the care they need to live comfortably. If you choose not to live in a nursing home, it’s still likely that you’ll end up needing the help of a professional who can provide long-term care services St. Clair Shores. This could be anything from hygiene care, to cooking food, to cleaning your home. These services are not covered by Medicare St. Clair Shores, and they do get pretty expensive if you’re paying out of pocket. You can prepare yourself for these costs and even get them covered with the help of an elder law attorney St. Clair Shores from Axis Estate Planning.

Nursing Home Costs St. Clair Shores

Nursing homes can get very expensive. In Metro Detroit, the average cost for a year in a nursing home is $100,000. For couples, you generally have to pay two bills. These costs can be prohibitively expensive if you have to pay out of pocket because you weren’t able to get coverage.

Medicaid St. Clair Shores

While Medicare doesn’t cover elder Care St. Clair Shores cost, you can get it covered by Medicaid St. Clair Shores. There are a few requirements for qualifying for Medicaid, but the trickiest one for most people is getting their countable assets below $2,000. These countable assets don’t include everything, for example, they don’t include your home.

You can also get some elder care St. Clair Shores expenses covered by qualifying for a Home and Community Based Services waiver. This will let you hire a home health aide who can provide elder care services St. Clair Shores in your home.

Financial Planning St. Clair Shores

If you want to save thousands of dollars in the future and guarantee that you can get the elder care services St. Clair Shores you need, then you should look into financial planning. With the proper financial planning, you’re able to set yourself up for covering the high costs of elder care, through savings, financial decisions, and qualifying for Medicaid when the time comes. The experts at Axis Estate Planning are here for you whenever you need it, we can make sure that you’re prepared for the future.

As we mentioned, many people who don’t qualify for Medicaid St. Clair Shores miss out because they have more than $2,000 in countable assets. You need your countable assets lower than $2,000, and not just at the moment you apply for Medicaid. You need them at that level for at least 5 full years before your Medicaid application. If you miss this window, then you’ll have to wait out a 1 year penalty period. With the high costs of elder care, a year without coverage will get very expensive.

If you’re worried about lowering your countable assets under $2,000, don’t start selling things off. You don’t necessarily need to sell your assets, you could try moving money around or releasing early inheritance. With the help of an expert elder care attorney St. Clair Shores, you’ll be able to make the right decisions at the right time to secure your future.

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The world of elder law St. Clair Shores can be confusing with all of the laws that complicate it, but having an elder law attorney St. Clair Shores from Axis Estate Planning will make it simple. We’ll figure out everything for you, telling you which decisions you need to make and when, and what implications they’ll have on your future.

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